Data Analysis, Statistics

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I look back on more than 20 years of experience in data visualisation and statistics. With the help of high-performance software such as OriginLab Origin, Kaleidagraph, IGOR Pro, Deltagraph, and StatSoft Statistica, I can support you to visualize your data professionally.


Double XY combined line - column plot created by using OriginLab Origin


Two polar plots created by using OriginLab Origin


In addition, I provide support and choosing the appropriate statistical methods for your data sets and help you to verify your results. My statistical analyses are performed with the help of leading statistical packages like StatSoft Statistica, SPSS, SAS-JMP, MiniTab and SyStat, as well as special statistics software for time series and circular/axial data.


Double XY statistical box plot created by using StatSoft Statistica


Literature / Reference retrievals are collected in databases like Endnote, Reference Manager and Mendeley.


Reference database in EndNote


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