InfoTom, Services and Prices

Services & Prices


All science and information services are performed based on an hourly rate of 70 US $ (American Customers) or € (European Customers).
Individual quotes for larger assignments.



Hourly rates for Software consulting depend on the duration of the assignment and your yearly operational budget. I offer special prices for non-profit organizations. Please contact me for more details.


My base rate for writing software reviews, articles, editorials and copy writing is 100 US$/€ per 1000 characters including screenshots or illustrations.

For short and simple translations (without research),
my per word rate for agencies is 0.10 € / 0.10 US$ (based on the source text).
For a more detailed price list of our translation and localization services -

click here: !

Prices for custom web and multimedia design are determined
according to the specific requirements of your projects.


InfoTom offers custom pricing covering entire projects.
Please contact me with the details of your needs.

Thomas Wassmer, Ph.D., Email: tom at