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The supply of information on the Internet is outrageous. There is barely any topic not covered. However, due to its uncontrolled nature, the Internet contains a lot of redundant, 2nd hand and sometimes even misleading information. A typical Internet research yields a ratio of 1:100 or even higher between useful and useless information. Besides the difficult choice of the right search engine leading to repetitive time-consuming searches, you also have to screen the results for the few raisins of helpful information.


ProFusion - The best Metasearch Engine on the Web
ProQuest - Reference Database containing complete Articles for printout or PDF


InfoTom uses the Internet for information retrieval since more than 8 years, spending 10 hours and more per day online. This excessive behavior resulted in a well-founded experience in choosing the right search engines for the specific needs of a retrieval. Our knowledge in the software market allowed us to pick the most elaborated metasearch bots allowing to further reduce time spent online and to increase the effort of searches.


Tile.Net - Search Engine for Discussion, Information and Newsgroups
AnyWho - One of many Search Engines to find Peoples


InfoTom provides you with the full capacity and power of internet based information:

1. Our Information Retrieval will first help you to define an exact search strategy.

2. Based on your needs, we will identify the appropriate search engines. This can be a strong and complete web based Search Engine like AltaVista, a powerful meta-engine like ProFusion, or the use of our licensed Metasearch Bots like BullsEye, InfoGIST, the Ferrets, or Copernic.

3. In most cases we will also conduct searches using specialized search engines like Tile.Net, the Federal Lobbyist Database, the FDA US Food and Drug Administration search or AnyWho, and access reference databases like ProQuest, WebSPIRS and FirstSearch to retrieve the full content of printed or electronically published material for you.


Biz InfoFinder - Metasearch Bot including Business Information Databases
BullsEye Pro - Highly Configurable Metasearch Bot


Don't waste your precious time anymore taking the chances to rely on misleading information. InfoTom conducts professional retrievals for you and forwards either the raw results to you or processes them to further exclude useless information. You may also choose to receive your data extracted into ASCII, MS Excel or a variety of other formats. Optionally, InfoTom can also create high quality graphical output and statistical evaluation according to your specific needs. Furthermore, your information package can optionally be stored on a secure server allowing you to access your data at any time and from anywhere. You also may share your information with anybody you authorize. For more specific details on our services, please refer to the Services and Prices section!


WebFerretPRO - Easy to use and very fast Metasearch Bot
Copernic 2000 Pro - Metasearch Bot with many Features


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