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Web Page Design and Multimedia
by InfoTom

Web Page Design and Multimedia by InfoTom: InfoTom designs and creates custom made Web Pages and entire Sites as well as high quality Multimedia elements such as Macromedia Flash Animations after your personal flavor.

Web Page Design by InfoTom offers you all the elements of up-to-date web sites such as Macromedia Flash, Dynamic HTML, JavaScript or CGI- / Perl-Scripting.
On the other hand, InfoTom considers carefully which kind of building blocks are necessary and desirable for the purpose of your Web Pages and Web Site. By doing this, your valuable content will not be buried under the many toy- and playful elements you see so often on the Internet nowadays.
We use the same philosophy to guide us through the design of the main Navigation System, the content of the individual Web Pages as well as in the selection of the appropriate media to support your intentions. In some instants, an interactive 3D-Animation designed by 3D-Studio-Max and further processed by Virtools or Macromedia Director 3D can be both, useful to make your point and an eye-catcher for the flying-by audience. However, in most cases you can reach the same effect by the use of a "boring" old JPEG image, an animated GIF graphic or a 2D-Animation in Flash.
As with my services in Translation and Localization, I am again especially qualified for any scientific and medical background of web pages. Web Page Design can be entirely Bilingual (English-German) from the scratch or in cooperation with our partners Multilingual in any of the world languages.
Web Page Design by InfoTom optionally also includes various techniques of Search Engine Optimization to guide more traffic to your web pages. Our vast knowledge of Internet Directories and Search Engines, as well as the methods of effective Information Retrieval allows us to optimize your Web Pages by the use of Meta Tags and Doorway Pages. This will almost guarantee you to be much better findable and will generate higher traffic to your Web Pages, thus increasing your efforts.
In addition, InfoTom will happily maintains and update your Web Pages, whether they were designed by us or by any other Web Designers.
You may also think about combining InfoTom's Information Management with the creation of Web Pages containing retrieved and processed information or professional presentations of graphical data analyses and statistics.

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